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Ideas for Unique Flower Gifts

Now how does this work? You can pick flowers from your local florist or if you are around Hempstead, then get flowers delivered to yourself from Central Florist.

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It might seem that flowers are a quick and easy gift, does not involve much thought and not well thought out, but flowers also brighten up people’s faces and their gloomy days. To give a one of a kind and unique flower arrangement would do wonders. Now how does this work? You can pick flowers from your local florist or if you are around Hempstead, then get flowers delivered to yourself from Central Florist, Best Florist in Valley Stream, NY. What makes a flower arrangement unique? It can be a color theme or based on the rarity of the flower. You can also pick exotic and deluxe flower arrangements that are unique and exclusively made just for you.

exotic flower arrangement- Central Florist
exotic flower arrangement


To have a truly unique arrangement, you can pick from a variety of flowers. Our pick would be Mokara orchids. These flowers are rare and simply gorgeous with a deep purple color sling with a slight sheen. To make it even better add some green and arrange it in a tall rectangle glass vase. Mokara Orchids signify beauty and love and the color purple stands for royalty and luxury making it a great birthday and Mother’s day gift flower. Another extremely exotic looking arrangement would be that of Birds of Paradise, known for their uncanny shape and bright color that makes a great flower option for men especially on Father's day. These flowers represent faithfulness, loyalty and love.


A great and uncommon option in a Sunflower arrangement these big and beautiful flowers should be held together in a vase. Sunflowers represent adoration and loyalty and hold great meaning in ancient Greek. Even today sunflowers people associate this flower with long life and harvest. To make it even better you can add yellow roses. This would be a super bright arrangement that would surely make everyone smile.


For this arrangement you must pick an excellent duo for a creative piece. Our suggestion would be to put together a combination of orchid plants with the rare Phalaenopsis orchid. Both succulents and orchids are known to stay for long periods of time hence it would be easy to take care of the plants. Another elegant pick would be the White Phalaenopsis Orchid; these stay for over 2 months and can go longer. These orchid flowers signify purity and love.

Unique Flower Arrangement- Central Florist
Unique Flower Arrangement


Flowers and chocolates go hand in hand, another duo which is all set to shine. For this modern flower arrangement you can pick some bright colored flowers like, pink or red carnations, roses or even lilies. Don't forget to add some chocolates. You can also book a similar arrangement with flower delivery in Lynbrook, NY and get it delivered to the one you want to surprise.


This again is a modern and artistic bunch where you get rainbow coloured roses along with some greens arranged in a vase. This one would really make heads turn!

Get all of these amazing pieces delivered to your home or recipient as per your schedule with Central Florist in and around Lynbrook, NY.

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