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Which Flowers Say “I Love You”?

Flowers have been used to express love and affection for centuries. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's common to wonder - which flowers say I love you most romantically?

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Flowers have been used to express love and affection for centuries. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's common to wonder - which flowers say I love you most romantically?

As a leading florist in Long Beach, NY, we are often asked this question by customers looking to find the perfect floral gift. There are certainly many beautiful and fragrant options to choose from! In this blog post, we will highlight some of the most classic flowers representing love, what they symbolize, and how to use them to say "I love you" to someone special.


This comes as no surprise, but red roses are the best romantic ‘I love you’ flowers for declaring love and admiration. Their vibrant hue and velvety texture exude passion and beauty. A dozen red roses are a timeless Valentine's Day gift, but they carry meaning all year round. If you really want to impress, upgrade to two or three dozen stems! For an extra romantic touch, have them delivered to your sweetheart's home or office. Local florists like ours offer same-day Valentine's Day flower delivery to send your love across town.


While not as overtly romantic as roses, tulips can also signal affection. Their elegant, tapered blooms and diverse color range make them a sophisticated choice. Go for bold red tulips, or stick to a softer palette like pink, peach, or creamy white. Arrange a bouquet of tulips in a vase for your dining table to create an intimate ambience. For Valentine's Day, mix red tulips with white for a lovely two-tone look.


Lilies have a regal air about them, but certain varieties also convey passion. Bold tiger lilies and orange lilies really make a statement. Their speckled throats have an exotic, sultry vibe. For a truly opulent "I love you" bouquet, combine various lilies like Asiatics, Orientals, and Stargazers. These dramatic flowers for love command attention. For best results, order lily arrangements from a trusted local florist in Long Beach ny. With their knowledge and inventory, they can design luscious lily-centric arrangements.


Though they bloom briefly in late spring, peonies are undeniably romantic flowers for girlfriends. Their many lush layers of petals create an irresistible full form. Pink peonies especially give off a feminine, charming energy. For a whimsical touch, select peonies with streaks of red or white along the petals. Display a few stems in a small vase by your beloved's bedside table. Come spring, plant a peony bush or two in your garden so you can enjoy romantic bouquets together for years to come. Many Brookville Flower Shops stock peonies when they're in season.


Like peonies, ranunculus makes the most of their fleeting spring bloom season. These cup-shaped beauties have a bounty of delicate petals in joyful hues like coral, pink, yellow, and white. Adding a cluster of ranunculus in a clear glass bowl creates a minimalist yet breathtaking springtime display. For Valentine's Day or an anniversary, combine pink and red ranunculus for a couture look. Local Valley Stream florists often source these lovelies from specialty growers when available.

Lavender Roses

Going beyond classic red roses can be an unexpected delight. Take lavender roses, for instance. Their unique color pairs with feminine charm and regal vibes. Lavender rose buds are picturesque, while open blooms reveal a sophisticated palette of purple and gray hues. Show someone special you notice and appreciate their many dimensions by gifting a bouquet of magical lavender roses.

The options are abundant when choosing types of romantic flowers to express love and devotion. Play to the classic choices like red roses and tulips, or get creative with lavender roses, ranunculus, or peonies. No matter what stems speak to you, Central florist shop can turn them into a stunning arrangement. For romantic and reliable Valentine's Day flower delivery in Valley Stream ny and beyond, contact our shop today!


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